The World Of Hublot Journeys Through Dubai!

WHAT: The World of Hublot
WHERE: Fashion Atrium | The Dubai Mall
WHEN: 14 – 22 October 2016

Hublot brings ‘The World of Hublot‘ to Dubai this October. Presenting its unique identity and pioneering concepts and collaborations with key partners Berluti, Ferrari and Italia Independent, Hublot promises to immerse fans in The World of Hublot through an experiential journey at its impressive multi-sectioned podium in The Dubai Mall Fashion Atrium.

Bringing past to future, The World of Hublot journey starts at the All Black section, where visitors discover the history of the pioneering monochrome concept dating back to 2006, and its evolution to become a current “must-have” trend. As Hublot links tradition to innovation, the five sections are linked through a mysterious Hublot maze, keeping the next “destination” a surprise.

Ending up at the Hublot Strap Bar will allow you to experience the One-Click system which instantly changes the strap on a Big Bang watch and to browse through a multitude of colored leather and rubber straps.

A visit to the Berluti section will place you among the first to discover the all new Classic Fusion Berluti timepiece with its striking green leather strap: an ultimate fusion of time and style, a contemporary statement for the refined gentleman.

Race over to the Ferrari section and be thrilled by the MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire, a feat in the world of watchmaking, while watching the recently released MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire film, in an astounding production worthy of blockbuster Hollywood movies!

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