Experience Ultimate Drives as the Weather Cools this October!

Experience the thrill of speed on demand here in Dubai with Ultimate Drives. Take the greatest driving roads across the region whilst you pilot the supercar of your dreams.

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It’s 6:00am. A deserted road lays in front of me somewhere near the border of Dubai & Sharjah. The morning sun is slowly peeking its rays over the rolling sand hills.

I’m sitting inches off the ground, strapped into the driver’s seat of a McLaren 650s Spider. The roof is off so I can take in the incredible vistas surrounding me. And just over my shoulder is the rumble of a mid-mounted 3.8l twin-turbo V8, just waiting to be unleashed. I engage first gear then turn to my passenger and give him a cheeky grin.

As I put my foot down I’m hit with 650 horses of pure McLaren fury as I hurtle down some of the smoothest pavement whilst leaving a trail of sand in my wake. This is going to be a day to remember!

Read The Luxe Diary's review of their experience with Ultimate Drives and the McLaren 650S

I’m with Snehal Hadani, founder and CEO of Ultimate Drives, Dubai’s newest and most exclusive bespoke super car experience. And as you can sense, we’re in for an incredible morning. Horsepower, deserted roads and enough turns and bends that you’ll be wearing a smile on your face for a while to come.

Having resided in Dubai for over 20 years, Snehal, a successful businessman and avid car aficionado saw a gap in the market when it came to individuals seeking out that true super car experience.

“It’s no secret that the UAE has an overabundance of super cars. On any given day you will be greeted with the full gamut of European marques adorning Sheikh Zayed Rd and Downtown in Dubai or along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, yet not many people know that we are also blessed with some of the best driving roads in the world.”

And this is where the team at Ultimate Drives comes into play. Understanding that their discerning clientele want something more than just sitting in traffic or driving in a straight line, the team have mapped out and defined the region’s best driving routes, coupled with a wide range of super cars perfectly suited for the car enthusiast with whom driving is all about passion, a rush in adrenaline and adventure.

Read The Luxe Diary's review of their experience with Ultimate Drives and the McLaren 650S

“For me, it’s all about that once in a lifetime driving experience” Snehal adds. “I’m lucky to have experienced roads that are unparalleled, and it’s this knowledge that I am happy to pass on to my clientele.”

Ultimate Drives have been careful to ensure they cater for all aspects of their clientele’s needs, offering designed tours, self-driven supercar adventures or the ultimate bespoke experience.

For example, you could choose to experience an Ultimate Drives fully Designed Tour. All of the tours meticulously designed by Ultimate Drives come with a qualified crew to lead and guide you around the pre-planned route. Whether a private event or a corporate incentive, the team combine your preferred destination with cars, hotels and activities for an unbeatable tailor-made trip. Their supercar packages are carefully planned for a breathtaking experience providing the perfect way to enjoy these ultimate cars as intended, on stunning roads, via luxurious hotels & visiting major attractions in the country.

You may prefer an Ultimate Drives Self-drive experience. These routes are specifically designed to incorporate the greatest driving roads across the region whilst you pilot the super car of your dreams. All of Ultimate Drives self-driven experiences come with a briefing at the start of the drive, debrief on your chosen super car, a detailed touring & information pack along with pre-programmed GPS device that guides you around the pre-planned route.

And for the ultimate luxury, you may wish to select one of Ultimate Drives Bespoke experiences. Imagine arriving into Dubai on your own private jet where a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce is awaiting to whisk off to your 7-Star suite. After a relaxing yet indulgent night at one of the many award-winning restaurants the UAE has to offer, a helicopter is on stand-by to take you to a fleet of super cars, primed and ready to be unleashed on some of the best driving roads in the world. At the end of a long day of driving, you arrive at a desert camp adorned with luxury tents complete with mouth-watering local cuisines and delicacies where you can relax and re-live all the day’s action. This is all made possible through the bespoke experiences offered by the team at Ultimate Drives.

But back to the car. As I ease my foot off the accelerator, and with my heart still pumping full of adrenalin, I look across at Snehal who is grinning from ear to ear. It’s evident the passion that this man has, and one that he wants to pass on to those who share the same interests. I know at the end of the day I’ll be reluctant to pass back the keys, yet equally excited embark on my next Ultimate Drives experience.

Words by Nathan Charles and Images by Peter Donnelly.


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