TRIBE-Equinox Spring Party | 20 March 2017 | COYA Dubai


TRIBE-Equinox Spring Party | 20 March 2017 | COYA Dubai

Taking place for one night only, COYA Dubai adorns the venue with lush greenery, tribal décor, dreamcatchers and native tribal influences to nod in the season of rebirth and transformation with the TRIBE Equinox spring party. Starting from dinner until late, COYA Dubai welcomes guests from all over the region to celebrate this special evening while forming new connections with people, inner roots and with mother nature.

As COYA Dubai’s resident DJ’s Stephane Karl and Rogerio Lopez introduce the crowd to the outlet’s signature sounds, ambient guests sway to rhythm of Latin America as they are immersed in a magical destination with Native Mayan décor-cladded alcoves.

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