7 Dishes to Discover at Crazy Fish Dubai

Seven Things You Need To Know About Crazy Fish Dubai | The Luxe Diary

Here’s 7 dishes for you to discover at Crazy Fish Dubai & why you should put this favourite of ours on your list!

Seven Things You Need To Know About Crazy Fish Dubai | The Luxe Diary

Monte Carlo-born, Crazy Fish Dubai is one of the only restaurants in Dubai that serves fresh, wildly caught seafood, straight from the Mediterranean Sea to your plates.

Located in DIFC, the restaurant serves delicious Italian Seafood cuisine that is simple and rich.

Brought to Dubai by Flavio Briatore and headed by Executive Chef Franco Blois, Crazy Fish has seafood flown in from Mediterranean ports at least three times a week.

Crazy Fish has a long history dating back from its original branches around the Mediterranean coast, and each dish on the menu has a story. 

Chef Franco takes us through tales of some of his most loved dishes and how they were created:

1. Gnocchetti with Red King Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes & Pecorino Cheese

In Rome, 2001, Chef Franco created this dish especially for renowned performer and VIP guest Morgan Freeman.

This dish was so well received that it has remained on his menu ever since.

2. Langoustine Carpaccio & Red Prawns

The ingredients of this incredible dish are all imported from Mazara del Vallo in Sicily.

With the largest fishing fleet in Italy, Mazara de Vallo is known to be one of the most enchanting and popular places in the whole region.

3. Guazzetto fish stew with tomato basil & olives

Chef Franco’s mother used to prepare the ingredients while his father fished for the mullet.

4. Spaghetti with clams

Being Chef Franco’s favourite dish, this recipe has been in the family for years.

When Chef Franco was younger, he would bond with his father while fishing for clams, patiently spending all day together.

Picking up these clams one by one, barefoot, is one of his most nostalgic childhood memories.

5. Raw Starters 

All fish are caught in the Mediterranean Sea because the water is colder and saltier.

6. The Tuna

The Mediterranean Sea offers the best quality tuna in the world. So much so, that the Japanese would come to the Mediterranean to fish for tuna for their sushi. The quality of tuna isn’t available in the Pacific Ocean.

7. Tiramisu

This dish is prepared and served at the table for a reason.

Ten years ago, in Rome, a table for 10 ordered the dessert and the waiter broke the tray while serving them.

The chef had no choice but to prepare a new batch in front of the guests. The concept was loved by everyone in the restaurant and so it remained a staple ever since.

Information & Reservations

Timings: Monday – Wednesday: 19.00 – 01.00

Thursday & Friday: 19.00 – 02.00

Saturday & Sunday: 19.00 – 01.00

 Podium Level, Al Fattan Currency House DIFC – Dubai

  +971 55 902 9397 | reservations@crazyfishdubai.com

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