Secret Garden, the Latest Concept by L’ETO Now Open at City Walk

Secret Garden, the Latest Concept by L'ETO Now Open at City Walk | The Luxe Diary

The new café serves the ultimate instagrammable experience, with more than 40 brand new cakes and desserts to choose from, as well as deliciously fruity mocktails and creative coffees.

Secret Garden, the latest concept by L’ETO is now open at City Walk Dubai. 

Secret Garden, the Latest Concept by L'ETO Now Open at City Walk | The Luxe Diary

Secret Garden by L’ETO was created with a boutique style in mind, taking inspiration from relaxing time spent in a garden and the famous Beverly Hills hotel. 

The enchanting cafe offers a wide range of signature drinks, that create unforgettable, picture perfect moments, including the showstopper ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This drink is a mixture of flavours poured into a martini shaped glass, trapped under a glass dome filled with beautifully scented rose smoke.

Upon lifting the glass dome, the great amount of ‘smoke’ spills onto the table covering it with a mystically beautiful blanket of scent creating a one-of-a-kind experience. This delectable drink is composed of rose water, rose syrup, elderflower tea and cordial.

Guests can also enjoy traditional drinks with a twist such as ‘Marhaba’, which means hello in Arabic. This drink is created by mixing freshly brewed espresso with generous amounts of cinnamon and cocoa, with a hint of caramel sweetness. What makes this coffee unique, is that it is paired with cardamom and saffron infused sweet cream and is the perfect all-day treat for any luscious craving.

In addition, there is a weekly offer of special coffee blends, which can only be discovered at Dubai’s new secret hidden gem.

The menu also features a number of decadent desserts, paired perfectly with the drinks available, such as the ‘Rose Blackberry Pavlova’, ‘Umm Ali Blueberry Pudding’, and the ‘Ricotta Raspberry Cheesecake. Other sweet highlights include the ‘Blueberry & Apple Napoleon Cake’ and ‘Dulcey Nougat Cake’, which can both be enjoyed with one of Secret Garden’s creative coffees.


Artem Login, Managing Director of L’ETO comments, “A new Floral start. We’ve worked hard for the last year to bring a new iteration for our cake creativity and passion for amazing fresh and natural drinks. Having created over 40 new desserts and similar amount of botanical drinks. Secret Garden is set to hit the new heights in the cake league in the world.”

This new concept will be the perfect, picturesque venue for special occasions, as well as everyday catch ups, with an array of floral installations, creating a chilled and relaxed feel. 

The Details.

Secret Garden by L’ETO is open at City Walk daily from 10am – 12am.

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