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Loyalty. With hair care. It’s true: The Luxe Diary has a tendency to be ferociously loyal on the hair care front and you will not usually catch us shopping around hair salons. We are already so invested in our fave places – and really, with so much at stake with our locks, why risk it?

However, the exception proves the rule, right? So, increasingly intrigued by what we had been hearing about the Method cut, Rossano Ferretti’s life long passion for hair styling and hair care – we thought we should probably go and experience the ‘invisible’ cut for ourselves. 


The Method.

We opted for a cut – and were fascinated to see the Method applied for real. The concept of the Method is to look at the hair and the shape of the client’s face and head holistically. Strategic snips and cuts are made at different levels of thickness of the hair, to achieve movement and to give a certain style to the hair naturally without looking drastically “cut” into the outside visible layers. This ingenious approach creates new volumes and folds in long hair.

It was fascinating talking to Elisa, our stylist, about the Method and its application. The approach is quite unconventional but highly effective.

Rossano Ferretti

The Products.

We sampled Ferretti’s range of hair products following the cut. At The Luxe Diary we are serious proponents of natural hair care, beauty and cosmetic products. So much so, again, that we are very loyal to our favourite brands. The paraben and sulphate free products developed by Ferretti’s teams are a breath of fresh air to our regularly blow-dried and probably highly dehydrated hair.

The range we tried is the Nourishing Regime (Esperienza No.3), designed to control unruly, rebellious hair. Intenso Softening and Smoothing Shampoo and Hair Mask are rich in strengthening and moisturising ingredients that leave the hair feeling silky soft and shiny. Intenso Softening and Smoothing Serum is a perfect leave-in treatment, rich in oils and nutrients providing a sensorial change to hair, keeping it looking smooth, silky and shiny. This serum works well with natural and styled hair. Brillante Protective and Shining Oil is the final touch to provide maximum shine. Apply to the ends after drying or to the lengths and ends daily for soft shiny hair.

It is easy to see how Rossano and his method have become so coveted by celebrities and royalty around the world. It is a unique experience and we are quite converted. Running away to Parma to retrain as a Method hair-dresser is a dream that for that moment, ensconced in the fragrances and comfort of Ferretti’s calming and restful salon, seems to be not quite so out of reach!

The Details.

Dubai Salon: Villa 306 Jumeirah Beach Road | +971 43 30 00 73

Abu Dhabi Salon: Villa 306, Al Karamah Street Abu Dhabi | | +971 43 30 00 73


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