Rami Al Ali X Vivel Patisserie Ramadan Collaboration


Rami Al Ali & Vivel Patisserie collaborate this Ramadan to create exquisite Ramadan Box

This Ramadan, luxury couture house Rami Al Ali has collaborated with Vivel Patisserie to create a special limited edition Ramadan Box of equisite treats.

Inspired by the recurring geometric designs in Arabesque architecture, the design of the Ramadan Box echoes timeless elegance of Rami Al Ali‘s fashion house.  The shapes echo the artwork and embroidery of  beautiful past Rami Al Ali couture collections, and depict the ornate history inherent to Arabesque design. 


“Through the design process, we wanted to convey the rich Syrian mosaic and mother of pearl, and we modernized those shapes while keeping it minimal”, commented couturier Rami Al Ali.

The collaboration comes in as a natural step for both Rami Al Ali and Vivel Patisserie as they lend their crafts to celebrate the advent of the Holy Month.

Rami Al Ali’s couture house is recognized throughout the region for its exceptional workmanship and stands out in its remarkable aesthetic of refined glamor, while Vivel Patisserie, founded 25 years ago, boasts a premium position in the market with its unique flavors and exotic ingredients. With roots in high quality handcrafted sweets and confectionary, Vivel Patisserie offers the widest collection of high quality handcrafted confectionary available in any single store in the world.


This Ramadan Box has been designed exclusively for the occasion of Ramadan occasion, making it the best gift during the holy month.  

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