The Power Of A Presentation | Day 2 at Fashion Forward Dubai

Varoin Marwah-Presentation-Dubai-FFWD-March-2017

The Power Of A Presentation | Day 2 | Fashion Forward Dubai | Hai at Dubai Design District

Among all the showstopping pieces and masterful catwalk displays that take place during Fashion Forward (Abed Mahfouz and Emperor spring to mind from the day two shows) there are designers choosing to highlight their collections in a more intimate and modest way.

Presentations have been common practice in the fashion world for decades. They allow press and buyers alike the chance to see pieces up close and relish the details on each garment, which make it so unique.


Runway shows conversely offer the audience a spectacle, or a quick thrill, as you only have seconds to witness what is sashaying past you and then it has to be committed to memory, or more likely Instagrammed for posterity.

Both have their merits and both generate hype in different ways, however it struck me more this season just how popular the presentation concept has become.

The set may be on a smaller scale, but the impact is no less effective. The soundtrack, the running order of the models, the final poses- everything is thought through in explicit detail.

Take Varoin Marwah’s show for example. His team handed out a rose to every member of the audience ahead of his presentation, with a note attached carrying a single word-“tolerance”.

Varoin Marwah-Presentation-Dubai-FFWD-March-2017

It’s a powerful message given recent worldwide events and you wondered how far he could take such a concept. Would it be a chant, a rallying battle cry, or would it be understated and thus more striking? As it turned out, the message was simple, yet gave an effective nod to his idea of inclusion.

A select few models had red hearts painted on their face, providing an elegant contrast with the charcoal, grey and black colour palette of the tailored collection.

Whilst, the lively soundtrack (It’s Raining Men) offered some light relief for the finale as the male model army strutted down in unison for their curtain call.

Other mentionable highlights included Cheyma, who closed day two of Fashion Forward on a high with a wearable, fun and most importantly- Instagrammable collection. As the lights came up and press were invited to view the pieces close up, a mad dash ensued to photograph the hottest pieces first.


The accompanying glitter crowns, white eyelashes and amped up pink lips were perfect Snapchat fodder, whilst the pieces themselves (silk, jersey and denim contrasted with sportswear and lace) perfectly encapsulated Cheyma’s signature style; elegant, yet comfortable.

Despite the late running of the presentation- a consequence of the torrential rain unfortunately- the swarming crowds lining up to see her latest mystical collection would not be disappointed. A success once again for the poetic young designer.

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Words by Laura Roberts for The Luxe Diary
Images by Getty Images