Interior Close Ups: Why we Love Shababeek in Sharjah

Shababeek Interiors

Shababeek is located on Al Qasba Canal in Sharjah and offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with fresh and vibrant interiors and a beautiful view.

Interior Close-Ups: Shababeek Lebanese Restaurant

The restaurant’s name, which means window in Arabic, was chosen to reflect the vision of opening a new window to Lebanese cuisine. Celebrity Chef Maroun Chedid’s menu fuses flavours from Lebanon and the Mediterranean with an exclusive modern touch. 

Shababeek is UAE’s Boutique Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017, Pallavi Dean Interiors’ first restaurant design concept.  In keeping with the interior design agency’s mission statement to create unforgettable experiences through design, it has taken a meticulous approach to research, working in close collaboration with Lebanese star chef Maroun Chedid and drawing upon local UAE design talent.

Shababeek Interiors

Pallavi Dean Interiors has developed a design story around the concept of ‘fusion’ to reflect both the collision of architectural and design styles which has existed in Lebanon for centuries and the restaurant’s eclectic array of influences: from Mediterranean cuisine to Khaleeji wildlife, French fashion to Romanesque and Islamic architecture.

SPA“Of all the elements I love about this restaurant, it’s the quality of the work produced by local artists and craftsmen that gives me the most joy. There’s always a danger when you put European designer furniture – Vitra, Mooi and so on – next to locally made pieces that the void in quality sticks out like a sore thumb. Not in Shababeek. “Much of the joinery is by a third-generation carpenter from Rajasthan who’s based in Sharjah; the trolley was partly designed in our studio with the help of an Emirati intern called Alya, and custom made right here in Sharjah. I could go on. The owner of the restaurant was incredibly supportive in commissioning so much of the work by UAE suppliers, and they haven’t let her down. I feel so proud of brand Made-in-the-UAE!” said Pallavi Dean, founder and design director of Pallavi Dean Interiors.

Shababeek Interiors

The exceptional detail poured into the design narrative is combined with a vibrant colour and materials palette of rich greens, brushed brass and neutral tones. The result is a restaurant with an elegant, sophisticated and, above all, contemporary design language.


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