Moving House? Think Greenheart Organic Farms Delivery Boxes

So, The Luxe Diary has been moving house this week. We’ve been very excited, looking forward to discovering a new neighbourhood and home.

But when move day finally comes, we are awestruck by the sheer number of boxes that are assembled, packed and trucked… Suddenly our lives seem to boil down to boxes containing our clothes, art collection and treasured possessions.

I am so busy with the logistics of the move that figuring out a healthy meal plan during our move days takes the back seat. And this is where our delivery from Greenheart Organic Farms comes in. Our Greenheart delivery arrives the day we move into our new place and for us, it is the best box of the day. 

The box is packed with beautiful greens, carrots, vine tomatoes rivalling the best Tuscan hillside fruit we have ever seen. It comes complete with ginger, lemons, fresh herbs, potatoes, sweet potatoes and fresh corn on the cob. I am immediately inspired to cook up some easy salads and fresh snacks for the family. 

It is not just the quality of the Greenheart produce that we love, it is its convenience. Just a few clicks and the order is placed: this beats traipsing through the supermarket, travelling frantically from aisle to aisle in search for the best quality, organic produce available. The quality of the selection, colours and variety also help to inspire a varied and healthy diet. At a stressful time such as a house move, a Greenheart delivery can be just the helping hand you need to stay on top of it all without compromising on your lifestyle quality.

Visit for Abu Dhabi and Dubai delivery schedules and to order your box today!