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There is so much to say about MASTI, Dubai’s globally inspired Indian restaurant at the Dubai Edition Downtown. Mostly we love its technicolor chic, luxe style and bohemian charm. And now that it has launched a weekend brunch – we are almost unstoppable…

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MASTI launches the Elephant Bath Brunch on Fridays & Saturdays 

MASTI is one of the most photogenic places. We’ll admit to having been influenced by some of the most stylish accounts out there, not least the inimitably chic and beautiful Lidija’s Kitchen. Check out Lidija’s stunning collaboration with MASTI and before you know it, you’ll wish you were sipping one of MASTI’s elegant post-colonial/Raj inspired, subtly flavour infused cocktails there and then.

And once you are there for real, be sure to try their signature hisbiscus, vermouth and pink lemonade ‘Spritz’ or the ‘Turmeric Tommie’, tequila, turmeric spiced syrup and lime… delicious!

Picture yourself, waited on by attentive and skilled staff in one of MASTI’s salon style rooms. The bold high gloss painted walls, the gold and brass surfaces all reflecting the setting sun as you gaze out through the open terrace over La Mer and the Dubai skyline.

At MASTI, fushias, garden greens and royal azure blues sit in stylish colour dissonance next to vintage-style glass and gold adorned cabinets, black and white faded photos and boho chic art.

Attention to detail is everything at MASTI. Even the staff uniforms are colourful and gilt-edged. They share the same perfectly haphazard, mismatched yet deliberate colour block clashes of vibrant greens, blues, mustards and pinks as the walls and upholstery. It is a delight for the visual senses.

Everything here at MASTI is playful as its name suggests (MASTI translates as “fun and mischief”) but underscored by quality and style. 

Now, let’s talk brunch… 

MASTI’s Elephant Bath Brunch runs from 2pm until 6pm every Friday and Saturday, with live music by the cool, eclectic and wildly acclaimed Echo Vessel on both days. It is the perfect late brunch for those who like to front-load their weekend mornings with a lie-in or getting some of that life-min out of the way. 

Brunch is served straight to the table and the format works really well for larger groups just as it does for more of a tête à tête. The luxury of choice is a winning quality of this brunch.

Of the shared starters, we particularly enjoy the smokey chipotle paneer tikka (fresh cottage cheese marinated in chipotle spice and cooked in a tandoor tamarind and chili sauce) as well as the pulled Tandoori chicken grilled bao with tamarind glaze. The Beetroot Carpaccio with mustard & jalapeño tossed beetroot, cured yellow beets, goat cheese mousse is also a MASTI must.

MASTI’s style is a modern European take on Indian specialties. What resonates is the quality and flavour, particularly with the fiery prawns Koliwada with red pepper aioli.

Mains we love include the beef pepper fry, beef tenderloin with crushed pepper and chili spice and the MASTIFIED paella with arborio rice, salt water prawns, mussels, saffron and mint raita.

We round off the meal with a beautiful selection of delicate and intricately made desserts, the chocolate délice with chocolate ganache, pineapple-saffron sorbet, popping candy, strawberry gel is right there at the top of our list!

All in all, MASTI’s Elephant Bath Brunch is a decadent yet relaxing and affordable quality brunch. It is more like a long luxurious lunch than a brunch, but one definitely best enjoyed with close fun loving friends or that special someone you want to enjoy some quality time with.

The Details.

The Elephant Bath Brunch | Every Friday and Saturday 14.00 – 18.00

 Menu and soft drinks – AED 250 | Menu and free flowing selected house beverages – AED 400

Information & Reservations.

General opening hours: 19.00 or 20.00 on Friday | 13.00 or 14.00 on Saturday

Location: The Dubai Edition Hotel, Downtown

Contact:  800 MASTI | 043444384 | E:   | W:

Valet parking available.


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