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Mami Umami Luxe Diary Review Burj Khalifa

The wow factor. How often do you get that in Dubai? Really, genuinely. When the hype dies down and you try something new and it’s like, yep – that really is something. 

Mami Umami Luxe Diary Review Burj Khalifa Terrace View

Dubai is built on wow – but do we get blasé? When it comes to new restaurants, that is a distinct possibility. So when we were invited to review Mami Umami on behalf of our Luxe Diary readers, what were we expecting?

We knew and loved Morimoto – the restaurant that Mami Umami replaces. We did not expect to be wowed by the new place. But we were – and how!

Firstly, the site itself. Sitting atop the Renaissance with unhindered views of Burj Khalifa – which is always breathtaking especially if it has been some time since (Covid times notwithstanding) we dolled up and enjoyed such a glamorous setting – Mami Umami’s terrace is a stunning location. It was a perfect March evening that we visited Mami Umami and out on the terrace it was breezy and fresh. 

Mami Umami Luxe Diary Review

Secondly, we were wowed by the extreme professionalism and service level of the staff. Their elegance, knowledge and client serving attitude was wonderful to experience.

You can tell a lot by the culture of a restaurant, as to the quality of its service and food. They usually go hand in hand and they certainly do at Mami Umami.

To kick start things, we were welcomed by the sommelier/mixologist who recommended the most delicious signature martini.

The Luxe Diary Mami Umami Food

And then we moved onto the food. Created by Chef Carlos Rodriguez, who earned his stripes at Morimoto, the menu is fusion Japanese and Peruvian. An unlikely yet highly compatible combination.

We started, as all good fusion Japanese meals should, with perfectly steamed edamame with a Malden sea flake twist.  We then enjoyed a unique beetroot carpaccio, so delicately and inventively seasoned – surprisingly good.

We also tried the chicken gyoza, a selection of house rolled sushi (exquisite!) and pulled beef tacos. Such variation in the flavours, each dish authentic and true to its own. An unusual balance but so very delicious.

Mami Umami Luxe Diary Review Burj Khalifa
Mami Umami Luxe Diary Review Burj Khalifa

For mains we were completely bowled over by the A5 Wagyu ribeye with its three sauces: Chimichurri, Tomatillo and Miso Balsamic. We also sampled the glazed black cod – delicious.

For dessert, we loved the house speciality chocolate supreme but what would have me coming back for more were the homemade sorbets in the most inventive and palate pleasing combinations of lime and yuzu, chilli mango and hibiscus. 

Overall wow factor assessment – 9/10 for the views, the food, the service. 


Images: Mami Umami

Information & Reservations.

Mami Umami, Renaissance Downtown Hotel Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai. Tel: (0)4 512 5555. @mamiumami_dubai 


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