All Glamour in Oscar De La Renta at the Met Gala 2024

At the highly anticipated 2024 Met Gala, a star-studded lineup of celebrities graced the event with exquisite creations by the renowned designer, Oscar De La Renta. Among the notable names were Pamela Anderson, Lauren Sanchez, Sabrina Carpenter, Kerry Washington, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, and many others. The fashion choices for this prestigious occasion were nothing short of extraordinary. 

Pamela Anderson radiates elegance in a stunning custom gown by Oscar De La Renta. The fawn-crinkled chiffon fabric, adorned with delicate micro-pleating, adds a touch of sophistication to her Met Gala debut.

Lauren Sanchez dons an exquisite gown adorned with intricate rosette mosaic patterns, embellished with delicate pearls and mirrored appliqués.

Sabrina Carpenter shines in a stunning gown, featuring a custom bustier and a voluminous skirt that exudes elegance. With the artistic touch of Co-Creative Director Fernando Garcia, this skirt draws inspiration from the vibrant hues of blooming orchids, mirroring the captivating shade of Sabrina’s eyes.

Kerry Washington looks breathtaking in a mesmerizing gown that features a custom corseted design and a suspended V-neckline. The beautiful shades of deep plum and lavender add an extra touch of elegance to her ensemble. A stunning procession of hand-dyed satin and velvet pearl-embellished orchids gracefully trails behind her.

Another year of Met, a new look of the Jenners—Kylie styled in a stunning custom gown by Oscar De La Renta. The rosewater-coloured dress featured a beautifully sculpted bodice with a pointed bust and an oversized, architecturally-inspired skirt. As stated in a press release from the brand, the dress shape draws inspiration from the timeless elegance captured in Cecil Beaton’s photography. It’s worth mentioning that she has beautifully captured Marilyn Monroe, who is often remembered for her iconic choice of pointed bust dresses that accentuated her figure.

Kris Jenner looks stunning in a bespoke ivory satin outfit. The opera coat collar adorned with delicate floral appliqués adds a touch of elegance, while the empire waist and fluted skirt gown create a graceful silhouette.

With an inspiration drawn from J.G. Ballard’s “The Garden of Time,” the gowns showcased in Oscar De La Renta’s latest collection are beyond alluring.  The renowned designer took an unconventional approach, breathing new life into the heritage brand, and creating a mesmerizing collection. Inspired by a woman elegantly adorned in a gown, Oscar de la Renta’s Co-Creative Directors, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, have crafted a collection that radiates sophistication and elegance. The theme of legacy, resilience, and renewal shines through in their designs.

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