Fiestagave Brunch at Peyote | The Luxe Diary Review

Peyote Mexican Brunch Luxe Diary

Located in the heart of DIFC and named after a small cactus native to the Chihuahuan Desert, Peyote Restaurant brings the vibrant spirit of modern Mexico to Dubai with its hedonistic, multi-sensory experience from the food, drink and music in a unique convivial atmosphere.

La fiesta is at the heart of the Fiestagava brunch at Peyote! So be prepared to experience a world class mixture of cocktails for a start.

Whether you go for the classic but perfectly mastered Passion Fruit Margarita, the famous Espresso Peyote, delightful remix of the Espresso Martini, or our personal favorite the unique Walk in the Clouds (with Zacapa 23 years old, spicy cinnamon syrup, apple and lemon juice and egg white) you won’t be disappointed!

The music tops it all – adding to the mood of this brunch. With every dish that is served, the music takes a new direction, allowing you to enjoy your brunch even more.

The Peyote Fiestagave Brunch Menu gives you a lot of different choice. If you are unsure where to start, the highly attentive staff are sure to guide you.

We tried the guacamole – a mexican classic perfectly mastered, the Ceviche negro – a perfect blend of spices to tantalise one’s taste buds, the Ceviche blanco – more of a classic but still delicious, the Octopus salad – a delight, the Huevos Benedictos (Eggs Benedict) – a brunch must-have, and the parmesan lettuce – so perfectly seasoned!


Then came the tacos. We have never tasted tacos like these. The fish, chicken and meat tacos are really sophisticated, elaborate and blended in a way that will put a guaranteed smile on your face.

The tacos are served with four types of sauces filled with sensational flavors from peanut butter to mixed spices.  These taco dishes are the perfect transition to the main course.

Peyote Mexican Brunch Luxe Diary

 For main course, we chose the Chuleton con mantequilla de cilantro – a char-grilled Ribeye steak with cilantro butter and smoked salt. The meat, the sauce, the combination of flavors and delivery will leave us spell-bound.

On the side, we recommend the amazing patatas bravas – baby potatoes with salsa aioli.

Peyote Mexican Brunch Luxe Diary

There is probably no better way to end a brunch in a more spectacular way than with the one and only Pina!

It is a chocolate covered surprise with a fascinating delivery. One bang and a boom and you got yourself an amazing mixture of dark and white chocolate, shaped like a Dia de los Muertos’ Sugar Skull, filled with vanilla ice cream and tapioca pearls that will leave you hooked on coming to Peyote every Friday.

Peyote Business Lunch Luxe Diary

This is a unique and amazing way to end a brunch and we absolutely loved it. On the side we also enjoyed the signature and delicious Peyote churros con chocolate.

Overall – what a brunch! Top notch service from the staff. At Peyote you are truly treated as a friend and greeted with smiles as they serve you the highest quality and election of foods. The atmosphere and brunch crowd are also super cool – this is a must-try brunch!


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