The Luxe Diary’s “Work Out Guide 2024”

 With a fitness studio or gym on every corner, the promise of sculpted abs and strong arms is everywhere. But with so much choice, finding the right workout for you can be a little overwhelming to the point that it can put you off going at all. And we can’t have that! We’ve done the hard (often sweaty) work for you and found the best workouts in Dubai – the ones that will get your endorphins going and make you feel and look good inside and out whether you’re just starting out or you fancy trying something new. No more excuses!

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1. Barre Effect 

best workout dubai barre effect

Exercising at a ballet barre – sounds easy, right? Just a few plies and some toe-pointing? Well actually no – there’s a reason why barre is the workout of choice for many a celeb and the cause of so many enviable bodies. At Barre Effect each 50 minute class is different, using a mix of props alongside the ballet barre to exhaust each muscle group and increase strength and tone. With pumping soundtracks and the nicest instructors (don’t be fooled, they look sweet but they will PUSH YOU) – whether you’re already a fitness enthusiast or you’re looking to get fit quick and actually see the results, this workout is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to do it.

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2. Barry’s Bootcamp

barrys bootcamp workout dubai

Celebrated as the ultimate workout by fitness enthusiasts around the world, Barry’s Bootcamp is a 50-minute HIIT class which alternates between the treadmill and floor exercises/weights. The music is loud, the lights are low and it can take a couple of times to learn the class flow including where the equipment is and how to transition between the treadmills and floor (you can actually choose to stick with just one until you feel comfortable) – but The Barry’s community is kind and love supporting and helping newbies. Backed by science, each class burns up to 1,000 calories while sculpting muscles, optimising fat loss and boosting metabolism. 

3. Boost

boost reformer workout pilates best dubai

There’s Pilates and then there’s Boosted Pilates – a high-intensity low-impact workout targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously to engage the core and maximise strength and endurance. Boost is wellness and movement space where Pilates and Lagree (that’s a method which uses complex movements and slow, controlled motion) meet the Megaformer (like a reformer but MEGA! With extra features to allow for more positions). Start with a beginner class to figure out the method and machines before moving onto the Boost Signature Class, a 50-minute workout based on the MOFO Method (not sure what this is but it clearly works and we have serious FOMO at not having tried it yet). Kate Middleton is a fan of this exercise and that’s good enough for us. 

4. Crank

crank dubai best workouts

Lights down, music up and sweat on! Crank is a spin studio with a difference, offering  45-minute low-impact, cardio-intensive sessions where you can expect to pedal your way through heavy climbs and saddle up for sprints in their signature Ride sessions or high-intensity Shape sessions (if the bike part isn’t really your thing). The beauty of Crank sessions is that you can push yourself further and harder each time – for the competitive amongst you, getting your name up on the leaderboard is guaranteed to give you that extra burst of energy – although frankly, the pumping music and lights are enough to get anyone going. 

5. Roar Fitness

roar fitness best workout dubai personal trainer

How about a fitness programme overseen by 3x Olympian Sarah Lindsay (with a European gold, 2 x world silver and 10 x British speed skating achievements under her belt?). Sound scary? It really isn’t – Sarah is not only one of the world’s most recognised celebrity personal trainers with a client list that includes Ellie Goulding and Mel B but also a passionate fitness advocate who genuinely wants to inspire and help others. Roar are experts in body transformations, employing a hand-picked team of world-class trainers to offer a personal training service and a life-changing experience that includes help from nutritionists, therapists and strength coaches at their downtown gym. Don’t just take our word for it – check out the ‘before and afters’ on their website! 

6. Shimis Yoga

shimis yoga best workout dubai

Ashtanga, Candle Light Flow, Full moon Candle Light Flow, Gentle Flow, Kids yoga – Shimis does it all and more, in the most beautiful space that just being there makes you feel great. And this is yoga with a difference – with two distinct spaces, The Box (for vinyasa yoga) where classes are held in the dark with a unique lighting system and a temperature of around 34 degrees Celsius where you flow with loud music and The Green house – a light room with a plant wall and zen vibe. Whether you’re a yoga bunny or you can’t touch your toes, this is the place to go (and hang out for the day – the cafe is divine). 

7. Splash Fit By Pirates Surf Rescue

Pirates surf rescue best workout dubai

If you’ve always wondered why kids get to have all the fun then check out the Pirates Surf Rescue adult workouts and you can get in on the action too. Pirates is the UAE’s original surf rescue programme, with activities in the water and on the sand – and, until recently, it was very much a kids only thing. Luckily for us, every Wednesday morning (and other days to be announced soon too), the Pirates crew offer a beach workout that includes cardio, strength-training and the opportunity to try new things – from mega-sup fun to surfing and loads more. Running most of the year (even when it’s hot, they make it  – and you – work), getting a workout done on Dubai’s beautiful Kite Beach is just about the best mood-boost you’ll ever get. 


8. Sweat & Go

sweat and go dubai workout

Now listen to this – you can workout while lying down, watching a screen and having an Infrared Massage too! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Ok we may have oversimplified it slightly but Sweat & Go does offer state-of-the-art Infrared Horizontal Cycling Capsules and Automatic Infrared Massage Body Rollers which promise incredible results. The low-impact cycling capsule uses next generation technology that burns fat and improves skin quality. Also, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in 40 minutes – perfect! Ideal if your schedule is hectic or you need to build your body confidence (the studios are mega private and the trainers very supportive). Benefits include a reduction in cellulite, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, skin toning and tightening, back and joint pain, improved metabolism and much more – with visible results in just 4-5 sessions. Yes please. 

Words by Kaya

Main Image  by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Featured Image by Anastasia Hisel on Unsplash


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