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The All New Luxe Diary

The Luxe Diary is the ultimate digital lifestyle magazine for the UAE and beyond. We are your diary for up-and-coming events and launches, your guide to the latest news and hotspots and your go-to for recommendations on everything from restaurants to hotels, holidays and cultural and lifestyle happenings whether with family in tow or for a grown-up date.

And why ‘Luxe’? Well because luxury, for us, is about living well. It is not just about a world of private jets, diamonds and designer handbags – as lovely as they are. It is also about filling our lives with meaning, about taking time – the ultimate luxury. We know that in this world, it is no longer just about price-tags but more about how things make you feel, about values and personality, about sustainability and sharing enriching experiences. The Luxe Diary is the voice of that mindset.

About The Luxe Diary

The Luxe Diary is aspirational and accessible. Via our inspiring storytelling and beautiful visuals, we uncover hidden gems and must-knows that elevate the everyday, transcend the superficial and guide towards the authentic. We’ll take you on a journey to rediscover the beauty in life’s small pleasures and celebrate all the things which bring you joy.

Honest and unbiased, we will only ever recommend the products, services and places that we genuinely love –and then we’ll shout about them loudly – because we’re all for sharing!

We’re so excited for you to join us as we uncover a redefined luxury, rediscover the beauty in life’s small pleasures and share the indulgences that infuse your days (and nights) with joy.

Welcome to The Luxe Diary and the pursuit of a life well-lived!

Meet the Editorial Team

The Luxe Diary is edited by Kaya Scott who has contributed to a number of leading international publications and channels and curated by our team of experienced contributors.

Kaya Scott The Luxe Diary

Originally from the UK, Kaya has lived in New York and Canada before settling in Dubai over 10 years ago. Juggling roles as a mama of three, manager of two pugs, keeper of a giant Maine Coon cat and a writer, Kaya is happiest when adventuring with her brood or faced with a giant sushi platter. She loves to travel, has recently discovered the joys of ice-baths and is forever moving furniture around her home (much to her husband’s annoyance!). Fuelled by coffee, deadlines and fomo, Kaya was previously editor of Sassy Mama Dubai and has contributed to a number of leading international publications.

Laura Roberts The Luxe Diary

Kaya is joined by Contributing Editor Laura Roberts. Laura is a Dubai-based freelancer with other 15 years of experience writing across multiple platforms, helping connect brands to their consumers through thoughtful and engaging content. She is passionate about covering the latest fashion trends and style, as well as trying out the latest foodie haunts across the Emirates. Find her in any local coffee shop having her daily dose of caffeine and writing for the latest issue of The Luxe Diary in her role as Contributing Editor.

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