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Detox Delight - 3 Day Cleanse | The Luxe Diary Review

Detox Delight 3 Day Cleanse | The Luxe Diary Review

Detox Delight Soup Luxe Diary

It’s January and what better time to sample a detox programme to get us feeling fit and healthy as we start 2018.

At The Luxe Diary we have always loved Detox Delight’s super chic branding. It is simple and colourful, yet calming. We are therefore delighted to try one of Detox Delight’s detox programmes and go for the 3 day cleanse.

Read more to find out what we thought about it!

When it comes to choosing a cleanse with Detox Delight, the team are keen to tailor the programme and spend time understanding your food preferences, work routine and lifestyle.

Detox Delight Juices Luxe Diary

The night before the detox begins, three days’ worth of Detox Delight juices, soups and breakfasts are delivered on time. First impressions are how beautiful the colours contrast against the cooling ice and the variety of ingredients. Top marks for packaging and design!

Detox Delight Juices Luxe Diary

Day 1: Start of the programme. The regular bursts of fruit, taste and colour of the juices throughout the day are very refreshing and surprisingly tasty. Detox Delight recommend maintaining a light exercise routine and hydration throughout the cleanse which we found to be very good tips! Keeping up with certain elements of your regular routine will help adjusting to the calorie intake variation.

Detox Delight Broccoli Luxe Diary

Day 2. We are getting in the groove: no stress to start the day as we indulge in the tasty and luxurious bircher muesli mix with lactose free yoghurt for breakfast and work through lunch without the typical concern about what to order at our desk come lunch time. And once home, the ease of knowing that soup would be on the table in milliseconds is welcome, without the stress of deciding what to eat for dinner and the usual rush to the local super market to get the ingredients. Checking the waistline in the evening, we can feel already a little leaner – less water retention no doubt.

Day 3: We are almost sad the experience is nearly over. Looking forward to a post-cleanse meal nonetheless: we feel strong, leaner around the waist and our skin is definitely clearer.

Detox Delight certainly lives up to its high promise of being as healthy and replenishing as it appears chic, organised, efficient and delicious to boot. We would definitely recommend it – next time we may be brave enough to try the 5 day programme!

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