January’s ‘Luxe Wellbeing List’ | Detox Delight’s Luxury Delivery Service

Start 2017 on a healthy foot with Detox Delight! Detox Delight is the UAE’s first luxury detox delivery service bringing wellbeing directly to your doorstep. Read The Luxe Diary’s review of Detox Delight here!

Detox Delight’s focus is on a natural, nutrient-rich diet that supports the self-purification powers of the body. Offering a variety of juice, food and snack options, Detox Delight is more than just a weight loss/management programme, it is a holistic approach to the long-term improvement of nutrition and thus metabolism and well-being. Their products are designed for people who, despite their demanding professional, private and social lives, don’t wish to neglect their well-being. For more information visit www.detox-delight.ae.

WHAT: Detox Delight’s January Detox 
WHERE: Deliveries across Dubai & Abu Dhabi | www.detox-delight.ae
WHEN: January 2017