Butterfly Social: Your Personal Concierge to Immerse Dubai’s Luxurious Lifestyle

Looking for a new style to manage your social life in Dubai? Worry not! Butterfly Social is all ears and ready to serve you on your new luxurious life journey—A personal concierge that will serve you of all good times.

Debuted in January 2022, Butterfly Social, founded by Micky Daher, has achieved remarkable success and received an award for being the first mobile app to deliver exceptional experiences. It has transformed the aspect of a traditional concierge into a groundbreaking concierge that has never been found in the Gulf Cooperation Council. A customer-centric concierge solution that meets the needs of today’s client, providing more than just concierge services but also a community that supports other aspects.


Offering premium all-lifestyle services, Butterfly Social is inviting members to experience the convenience, exploration, social connections, and quality that it has to offer. Enabling individuals to establish relationships and explore unique ventures. Members are also able to access a variety of exclusive benefits, including local and international travel, a variety of entertainment and retail, late-night places, and more. Along with demand services such as home servicing and experiences, exclusive treatment and access to lifestyle necessities, and reservation management. Furthermore, members can make reservations, ask questions, and get information from an assigned “dealer.”

“At Butterfly Social we created a concept amongst eight friends living in Dubai, all with very different backgrounds, coming together with the simple desire to enrich their day-to-day lives by creating a “new” new concierge. Unlike the traditional concierge concept, Butterfly Social is a digital private members club –  it is a vibrant community where members build genuine connections and socialize differently; there is always a Butterfly twist,” declared Micky Daher. 

The Butterfly Social app has grown to be a valuable tool for Dubai’s socially conscious and progressive residents who are looking for an innovative concierge to improve and support their way of life.

For further information visit Butterfly Social Website: https://butterflysocial.co

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