Become a Super Stylist with StyleMeDivine™ | Your fast track to Super Style with Kelly Lundberg


Ever dreamt of having your own business and becoming a stylist? Then the StyleMeDivine™ course, founded by super-stylist Kelly Lundberg, is just for you!

As a personal styling agency, it is StyleMeDivine™’s job to make sure their clients look on top of their game.  They enable them to put their best style forward and know from first hand experience that to become a flourishing personal stylist and run a profitable business takes time, commitment, tenacity and business know-how.

With over twelve years proven success running StyleMeDivine™ as a styling agency, Founder Kelly Lundberg has been shopping and styling globally for her clients based in Dubai, LA and London.  As an award winning celebrity stylist Kelly has her very own black belt in styling.  Her style portfolio has developed further with the creation of the StyleMeDivine™ business academy specifically targeted to aspiring stylists who are actively looking to grow their styling skills personally, and business acumen professionally.

At the StyleMeDivine™ business academy the aim is to inspire and educate.  They have developed a business blue print for styling success, designed for like-minded and aspiring stylists who have a flair for fashion and who want to be successful and sustainable stylists.

Students who join StyleMeDivine™ business academy come from a diverse background.  There are those looking to turn their hobby into a business, bloggers who wish to convert their passion into profit, those seeking flexibility to combine a rewarding career with family commitments or quite simply those who seek a complete career change.

Experience tells us that whilst undertaking a study course and applied knowledge, students will gain the confidence required to style. In order to develop and grow a sustainable business model, it will require on going momentum.   StyleMeDivine™ business academy can offer you this unique and combined experience.

The StyleMeDivine™ business academy offers a 12 month program working exclusively with Style Director, Kelly and includes:

– Online workbook ‘The 7 Step Styling Formula’, supported by over 35 videos and tutorials
– A defined and detailed style strategy alignment session
– Coaching via Skype, a 1 hour monthly ‘one to one’
– Participation in a business theory webinar on a monthly basis
– Access to closed FB group and business reference library
– Weekly fashion/style updates
– 2 x 2 day live group coaching in Dubai
– Press style 1-hour photo shoot in Dubai
– Operational Website
– Certified personal style certificate

Embark now on a 12-month career study plan with the StyleMeDivine™ business academy and as one of their super stylists you will be equipped with tried-and-tested marketing strategies, gain an in-depth understanding required for accreditation to worldwide platforms, expertise on how to launch and skills required to maximize social media campaigns, know-how on where to find clients and that must have information to drive business to achieve commercial success.

This YOUR opportunity to join StyleMeDivine™ business academy, get your personal business blue print to styling success; no other styling agency offers such an effective way to launch YOU to the world.

The 12-month program costs AED 1,997. To book your place or for more information please contact

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