Bateel Ramadan Collection


Bateel Ramadan Collection | Available throughout GCC in Boutiques throughout Ramadan

Our favourite dates are now available, exclusively during Ramadan, in the Bateel gourmet Ramadan collection.

Bateel, the GCC’s leading cultivator and curator of gourmet food experiences, is the ultimate destination for gifting this Ramadan. The brand draws on its rich Arabic heritage and passion for the unique to delight with an exquisite collection of luxurious and seasonally appropriate delicacies. Each item in the bespoke range of trays, hampers and hand-painted woodengift boxes is produced to the finest quality to embrace and reflect the region’s rich tradition of elegant gift-giving; a reflection of thoughtfulness and impeccable taste. The selection is proudly offered across Bateel boutiques in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman in the build-up, and during the holy month.


Celebrated worldwide for its exquisite packaging and an array of delicious gourmet foods, Bateel is a delightful source of inspiration for those looking for the perfect present for a colleague, family member or loved one. For 2017, boxes draw on vibrant influences from around the world, lovingly handcrafted so that no two items are the same. From the eye-catching henna on the Fantasia Boxes – a vibrant hand-painted design, to the more traditional Ramadan Kareem boxes, Bateel is proud to elevate the art of gift giving to new heights, echoing the spirit of the region and its love of delightful gourmet experiences.


Each gift box, tray and hamper is designed as a treasured piece of art, handcrafted with painstaking detail and lasting long after the contents have been savoured. The highlights of this year’s beautiful seasonal collection are the Antique Gold and Blue boxes, with mesmerizing designs that have been intricately hand-painted onto mirrored glass by Peruvian artists using hues of gold, silver and porcelain blue, taking close to 90 days to produce.

From exquisite gift boxes filled with the finest organic dates and luxury chocolates, date-infused sweets and savouries to finely crafted desserts, Bateel’s sophisticated selection of gourmet goods are peerless in their quality and taste. For those looking for the ultimate in personalized style, boxes can be filled with a generous selection of Bateel’s finest gourmet organic dates, whether plain, filled orchocolate coated. Guests seeking the finest indulgence may opt for a curated edit of premium single origin chocolates.

All Ramadan items are available throughout the GCC in Bateel’s constantly expanding network of chic Boutiques and Cafés. The full collection can be viewed online at

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