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The Barre boom is here to stay – and we love it!

It’s little surprise that Dubai’s newest Barre studio has become a firm fave on the fitness scene. Tucked away in the Al Ferdous development near Safa Park (kind of just above Park N Shop so there’s the opportunity to treat yourself to some British chocolate after class…just sayin’), the Barre Effect space is small and totally non-intimidating (a massive plus – there’s nothing like an overly cool, judgy crowd to put you off your workout).

As a barre fan, I’ve tried a fair few studios and – most recently – have been taking online classes (more on that in another feature..) and wanted to see if Barre Effect lived up to the hype (plus want the sculpted shape that so many have achieved through regular sessions!).  And what better way to start than with a class by founder Nora Hameidani herself? As a mama of a teeny one I thought I might be in for a slightly gentler intro (err, not the case, read on!).

After checking in and checking out the facilities – which include a beautiful changing area with funky wallpaper, smart shower cubicles and those little touches that make a difference (dyson hairdryers, I saw you), it was time to head into the studio and take our positions on the mats.

barre effect studio dubai

Each barre class is different…

For this one, the 5kg weights, resistance bands and Pilates ball were ready to go – and the music was cranked up high. Sunday morning was off to a flying start…

For those who don’t know, barre is a ballet inspired workout that mixes the principles of dance and pilates with cardio training and a focus on full-body movements, clever sequencing and use of props. Barre effect classes are 50 minutes long and musically driven with curated playlists to keep you motivated even when you feel like you can’t take it anymore (yes, there will be those moments).

From warm up to cool down, you are kept on your toes (literally) in a high-energy class that’ll challenge your every muscle and – in my case – your self-control not to swear loudly and often. Nora led 18 of us barre babes in sequences that had us pulsing, squeezing, squatting and tucking – moving quickly from one exercise to another  – using our props to maximise sculpting. Inspired by her energy and moves, we fired up muscles I don’t think I’ve ever used before and were pushed to our limits, holding poses and repeating moves to the point of shaking, a lot.

Barre really works…

I won’t lie, there were times where I had to take a little mini break but that’s totally ok – if it was easy then it wouldn’t be working. And this really works. Barre addicts will tell you about the difference that classes have made to their bodies and their fitness levels – not to mention how much fun it is and how good you’ll feel afterwards. I left the class high on endorphins and standing a little taller – am sure that my bum actually tightened after the one session! And I’ll definitely be back for more…

Want to give barre a bash? visit the Barre Effect website or Instagram page
classes cost AED 115 each with a discount on packages
Every Wednesday, shop with 15% off retail and 10 or 20 class packs when you come in for an afternoon or evening class

See you at the barre!

words by Kaya

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