Mizensir Parfums Launches in Dubai

Mizensir Parfums Launches in Dubai | The Luxe Diary

Mizensir, established in Geneva, Switzerland is a family-owned perfume house born from the vision of its creative founder Alberto Morillas, whose design ethos is “to create excellent fragrances which tell a story of passion, memories and travels”.

Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas Launches Collection of Fragrances for Mizensir Parfums in Dubai

Mizensir Parfums Launches in Dubai | The Luxe Diary

On 17 April, Morillas came to Dubai to officially launch Mizensir in the region and introduce the brand’s newest best selling unisex fragrances now available at Bloomingdales.

Mizensir Parfums Launches in Dubai | The Luxe Diary

Poudre d’Or

The idea behind this perfume was to create an olfactory fairy tale and experience an explosive mix of floral tones – a blend of paradisone and tiare flower to give a powdery, almost tactile feeling with the inclusion of rare musk and concrete iris. Spread calmness all over with the underlying notes of sandalwood and vanilla.

Mizensir Parfums Launches in Dubai | The Luxe Diary

Very Musc

This fragrance is the perfect example of precious olfactory alchemy. An addictive scent, opening onto the freshness of a clary sage, giving way to a wild animal musk, with a carnal trail, softened by chords of Madagascan vanilla and incense to reveal its darker and heady facets – the definition of a rich, triumphant scent with power to expand into infinity.

Celebes Wood

A profusion of spices and woods, dense and powerful as though one were to have entered an extraordinary forest. Perceive the scents of rare essences with beautiful notes of burning cinnamon barks and cardamom seeds. Cold spices mingle with warm spices, followed closely by the roasted accents of tonka bean and the depth of labdanum. The intensity of this fragrance will leave a mark on your skin.

Epine de Rose

Inspired by the rose, this fragrance is a combination of the strength and mystery of the flower. This perfume combines the sweet hints from the Bulgarian rose and the powerful and intense woody accents of Limbanol, with its spicy notes thanks to the ginger and pepper elements and the delicate chords of agarwood and incense to create a perfectly balanced fragrance.  Epine de Rose offers a completely different vision of the rose, which makes this scent so captivating.

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