Ahoy Club Debuts in Style at Dubai Boat Show 2019

Ahoy Club's Debut's in Style at Dubai Boat Show 2019 | The Luxe Diary

Ahoy Club sets sail, bringing the number one digital yacht chartering platform in the world to the Dubai Boat Show 2019.

With so much going on at the Dubai Boat Show 2019 it is a super busy and exciting week the diary. In our endless quest to bring you the best of Dubai luxury lifestyle news, this week we were thrilled to discover the Ahoy Club which has been making giant waves in the chartering world.

Ahoy Club's Debut's in Style at Dubai Boat Show 2019 | The Luxe Diary

At a super exclusive and elegant private dinner hosted by the Ahoy Club at Cipriani’s DIFC in partnership with Tiffany & Co. to celebrate its Dubai debut, the Ahoy Club shared its vision with like-minded guests from the Middle East.

At dinner, Ellie Malouf, Global Account Manager for the Ahoy Club tells us “We are joining the Dubai Boat Show this year as large portion of our market resides in the Middle East. The UAE is a globally recognised hub and supporter of innovation and technology development which is what Ahoy Club is.” 

Ahoy Club is the number one digital yacht charter platform in the world. A bit like the Airbnb of the luxury yachting world, Ahoy Club brings a new concept to the market and presents a super easy and approachable charter booking experience.

Ahoy Club's Debut's in Style at Dubai Boat Show 2019 | The Luxe Diary

Ahoy Club offers over 3,000 professionally crewed charter yachts on its platform, with the promise of the lowest rates in the market without compromise to service and quality. You can book your next charter directly via your own personal device and save up to 20% compared to market.

Sounds fun, right? Well it’s not just the ease with which the booking can be made on the platform which is so attractive, nor the price – it is also the range of destinations. Just a few clicks, and you can charter a yacht anywhere in the world with Ahoy Club – they have charter yachts available in every continent.

And just like Ellie Malouf, the poster-girl for the successful navigation of time zones while maintaining calm, poise, a dewy complexion and an inspiring smile (she tells us to our amazement that she joins her guests just hours from coming off her 15 hour flight from Sydney) the Ahoy Club is a lifestyle enhancing disruptive platform that never sleeps. On call 24/7 and around the world, the Ahoy Club provides convenience and flexibility.

From an industry perspective, “The Ahoy Club technology stack is proving to be a benefit for charterers and owners alike, while simultaneously causing red faces for the tradition brokers who have been taking too much for too long” says Ian Malouf , founder and Managing Director of Ahoy Club “Ahoy Club provides a transparent method for anyone to charter a yacht anywhere in the world for the best possible price without compromise of service, simply because we have removed the excessive commission structure that tradition brokers have been taking advantage of for too long. With over 3,000 yachts to choose from Ahoy Club boasts the largest App charterable fleet range in the world allowing electronic bookings”.

The technology and the depth of the platform are amazing. Malouf continues: “The Ahoy Club App shows you the savings which are too large to ignore with the benefits of technology delivering exactly what you want to your device.”

Ellie tells us of Ahoy Club’s exciting upcoming expansion plans too: “Strategically positioned in London and Sydney, Ahoy Club is adding to its time zone coverage, with additional office locations; Hong Kong, New York and South of France all on the Ahoy Club agenda over the coming year”.

So, what are you waiting for to book your yacht charter? It’s only a few clicks away!

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