AAVVA Launches Streetwear Collection Inspired by Frida Kahlo


AAVVA just launched their latest streetwear collection at Le BHV Marais, the latest Parisian department store in City Walk. Founded by Designers Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia, who take extra steps to cater to their clientele in the UAE, AAVVA’s latest collection showcases 14 stylish and unique pieces inspired by iconic art: the Mexican feminist artist Frida Kahlo.

With this streetwear range, AAVVA steps up the design game creating historic artistic fashion. From the embroidery details, dramatic bell sleeves all the way to the jeweled color tones and artwork – all are a tribute to their extraordinary style. The rich Mexican hues are seen to rise and fall with ankle length pieces, both flared pants and blouse like tops that are easy to style during the festive season.

The inspiration came from five of the most beautiful paintings of Frida Kahlo that give shape and form to this beautiful collection. Famous and remembered in Mexico for her self-portrait, pain, passion and bold, vibrant colors, Frida Kahlo’s striking yet painful depiction touched the designers’ hearts, resulting in the graceful range. Paintings like “The Broken Column”, “Self-portrait as a Tehuana”, “Still life with parrots and fruits”, “Self-portrait with Monkey” and “Me and my parrots” that are said to have struck a chord with the designers. Moved by the raw beauty and expression of the artist, the duo progressed in their understanding of female form and their renowned accuracy in creating flattering pieces for women.AAVVA-Frida-Kalo-The-Luxe-Diary

The preview event featured fashionista Rhea Jacobs collaborating with the brand, showcasing her passion for art and fashion. With her creativity, love for rich culture and sheer dedication, Jacob perfectly fits the AAVVA new range. Curating an event where people gathered to view this new launch as they enjoyed various aspects of the Mexican heritage, with the female guests looking ever so beautiful with the colorful flower crowns depicting the famous “Frida Kahlo” look that were designed by Alissar Flowers, a renowned brand newly established in the UAE offering floral arrangements, wedding & event services and spatial designs. AAVVA successfully projected their diversity, love and tolerance for cultures, after having been founded in the ethnic mosaic city of UAE, Dubai.

Blogger Rhea Jacobs expressed her delight at being part of this event. “This partnership with AAVVA is something I trust in immensely as they are a strong creative force who believe in the importance of individuality and creative expression. Frida Kahlo has a raw ability to express fearlessly and channelize it with the right aesthetic elements. That’s the motive of this collection to translate the importance of fearless individuality and appreciation of art”, she says.AAVVA-Frida-Kalo-The-Luxe-Diary

Bringing a bigger collection to life, these pieces are made such that can be styled and worn at any time of the year especially during the upcoming festive season; versatility is certainly in focus with this latest collection. The range mixes the contemporary, magnificent ethos of the brand with cultural style and aesthetic. The pieces are made using neoprenes, pleated satin, tulle and fishnet lace. Chic and crafted in covetable quality light fabrics with applique and embroidery work, the range is one that is wearable for the summer season.

The designers Ahmad and Vincenzo mentioned their belief for this collection and presenting it as they are. “The reason behind this collaboration, bringing a fresh face, enthusiastic energy lies behind the belief that credibility comes from the trust of people able to recognize sheer passion, true opinion and hard work. We want people to believe in culture and genuine passion for what they do.”

The effortless elegant styles range from daily wear to a little fancier wear that was displayed perfectly alongside the new face chosen to collaborate for this preview. This event represented perfectly the cultural mix found in the region, creating an immensely pleasing evening combining both elements of art and architecture.

AAVVA is available at their headquarters in Dubai Design District (Building #5), Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and Le BHV Marais in City Walk, Dubai.

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