A Sleepcation at Rosewood Abu Dhabi

staycation rosewood abu dhabi

Feel like you haven’t slept since, well, forever? Same. With all the many chores that come with mum/work life, end-of-term craziness, sick kids and a dog that insists on sleeping as close to me as possible –  and because I’m a sensitive soul who lies awake thinking about the state of the world, getting a few hours of uninterrupted sleep feels a long way off. Which is why my sister (who is in a similar sleep situation) and I decided to ditch the fam (in the nicest possible way), pack our comfiest PJs, and hightail it to Rosewood Abu Dhabi for a weekend of rest and relaxation.
And this wasn’t your average snoozefest, but rather a luxurious, specially created slumber-inducing escape that the hotel has designed to help guests feel totally restored. Perfect. 

staycation rosewood abu dhabi

A Room Fit For Sleep

First things first: our hotel room. With two double beds made up with fluffy pillows, duvets that felt like a warm hug and crisp linens that almost whispered ‘sweet dreams’ with every move – the beds at the Rosewood felt exactly like sinking into a cloud.  On the 15th floor, the birds eye view across the water and swimming pool below was gorgeous during the day and twinkly at night but    major bonus points for the blackout curtains – because there’s nothing worse than a rogue sunbeam interrupting your beauty sleep. And the luxurious bathroom and giant tub was perfect for bathing in peace, with no children trying to jump in too!

staycation rosewood abu dhabi

Poolside Paradise 

 During the day we spent glorious hours poolside, in the shade of comfy cabanas, soaking up a little Abu Dhabi sunshine and sipping on a refreshing cocktail (or two). The pool area at the Rosewood is pure glam – think perfectly chilled water, jacuzzi style bubble zones if you want to lounge, lanes if you want to power out a few lengths, and super attentive staff ready to cater to your every whim. It was the perfect spot to catch up on my latest book and totally disconnect from the daily grind.

staycation rosewood abu dhabi

Workout, Recharge, Repeat

And speaking of disconnecting, no stay at the Rosewood would be complete without a visit to the Sense Spa where treatments are legendary. The 120 minute  ‘Rest Your Body – Antidote Sleep Journey’ is an immersive, nurturing experience that’s perfect for anyone experiencing insomnia and restlessness or who just needs a little tlc and a blissful journey that’s conducive to a fabulous night’s sleep. Using Votary’s luxurious aromatherapy oils, the treatment includes a deeply calming full body massage that incorporates guided breathing, shiatsu, chakra-balancing and reflexology and finishes with a Votary facial so you are fully prepped and ready to drift off to sleep.

Book your treatment early if you want to make sure you have it right before bedtime – or do as we did and enjoy it over the hottest time of the day before drifting off for a nap (yes, a nap – the joy!). We kept the oils on and stayed in the shade all afternoon before opting for a room service dinner and movie – with none of the usual interruptions! 
As part of the sleep weekend, guests can also opt for a personal training session (as a means to get your body moving rather than being pushed to the limits – because exercise promotes sleep) OR an IV drip to replenish all those missing vitamins and minerals.

And for those moments when you need a little retail therapy to recharge, the Rosewood is conveniently connected to the Galleria Mall. From luxury brands to local boutiques, it’s the perfect place to get your steps in when it’s hot outside (and flex the plastic too – this is a treat weekend away after all!). 

staycation rosewood abu dhabi   
The Verdict 

So, was our sleep-cation at Rosewood Abu Dhabi a success? Absolutely YES! I left feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world again. If you’re burnt out and craving some serious shut-eye luxury, book yourself a stay pronto…

To book your own sleep-cation, visit www.rosewoodhotels.com 

Words by Kaya


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